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HQ Hometek is your headquarters for patented effective technologies that solve common everyday problems and concerns of homeowners. HQ Hometek consistently develops and markets the most effective solutions to address indoor air and water quality issues faced by homeowners. The products are time tested, independently certified, and proven in the market for over 20 years with strong demand across the country. They are affordable, maintenance free, energy saving and superior to other products.


With mounting concerns of moisture related problems and indoor air quality that adversely affect the health of occupants and deteriorate the structural integrity, these advanced technologies provide the solutions without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Humidex units reduce moisture, odors, mold growth and also expel harmful pollutants such as radon, combustion gases and more. They provide continuous, sensible ventilation for a healthy dry home year round. The units are maintenance free, cost only pennies a day to operate and will improve the efficiency of the entire HVAC system. Experts with hands on experience urge ventilation as opposed to dehumidifiers and multiple independent studies have shown how mechanical ventilation can improve the energy efficiency of the entire home.


Water contamination is a mounting concern as municipalities are struggling to deal with the ever increasing level of pollutants infiltrating our water supply. Additionally, the chlorine used by municipalities to combat the promulgation of bacteria has been linked to certain cancers and is easily absorbed by the body through drinking, bathing, and inhaling water vapor. The HydroCare line of whole house filtration systems for city water incorporate revolutionary patented technologies unlike any other in the market today to eliminate 99.9% of the chlorine and significantly reduce the level of lead, mercury, iron, microorganisms, and other contaminants found in the water. The innovative parallel flow design accomplishes all this with virtually no loss of water pressure.

The HydroCare whole house systems for well water  remove the most prevalent contaminants found in well water including iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese and others. HydroCare well systems come in both canister and tank options to address a range of contaminant levels.

All HydorCare systems are innovative, purify at the highest levels, are easily installed, require minimal maintenance, and keep a strong water pressure all at affordable prices.


There is a concentrated effort in today’s world to bring attention to the effects we are having on the overall environment and how our everyday activities and choices impact the environment in which we live.

However, there is less focus centered on the indoor environment of our homes which has a much more immediate and direct impact on us and our families. Normal everyday activities, along with construction design and decisions made by others, affect the air we breathe and the water we drink in our very own homes.

It is up to each of us as individuals to ensure that the air and water quality in our homes is as clean, fresh, and healthy as it can be.

HQ Hometek offers unique, revolutionary products to help you improve the overall environment of your home. Make sure that the two vital elements of air and water that you and your family take into your bodies on a daily basis is the best they can be.

"This is a truly great and functioning product. I had the opportunity of showing these pictures to a local plumber who had just stopped by for Level 1 training and he too was impressed."
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