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HQ Hometek is your headquarters for patented effective technologies that solve common everyday problems and concerns of homeowners. The products are time tested and proven over many years with strong market demand across the country. They are affordable, maintenance free, energy saving and superior to other products.


With mounting concerns of moisture related problems and indoor air quality that adversely affect the health of occupants and deteriorate the structural integrity, these advanced technologies provide the solutions without sacrificing energy efficiencies.


Water contamination is a mounting concern as municipalities are struggling to deal with the ever increasing level of pollutants infiltrating our water supply. Additionally, the chlorine used by municipalities to combat the promulgation of bacteria has been linked to certain cancers and is easily absorbed by the body through drinking, bathing, and inhaling water vapor. The Dual Action Water Purification System will eliminate 99.9% of the chlorine and significantly reduce the level of lead, arsenic, iron, microorganisms, and other contaminants found in the water throughout the entire house. Through innovative technology, this Whole House Purification System can achieve all of this without any loss of water pressure.

Coupled with the Hydrocare limescale elimination unit which not only eliminates limescale buildup but also breaks down existing scale, the Dual Action Water Purification System not only protects your health, but also protects your wallet by reducing the expensive effects of hard water on your water-heated appliances and your home’s plumbing, continuously saving money through energy efficiencies and appliance performance.


Energy costs for heating and air conditioning are rising and there is a constant demand for reducing this portion of homeowners’ budgets. The Energo has been tested and validated to reduce these costs. It’s an affordable energy saving device with immediate results and short payback.


"This is a truly great and functioning product. I had the opportunity of showing these pictures to a local plumber who had just stopped by for Level 1 training and he too was impressed."

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