Compare to Softeners

Compare to Softners

“Now, with our new HydroCare unit we never have to worry about the Water Softener. Once the unit was up and running we’ve completely forgotten about it. We’ve forgotten that we had to have maintenance on the Softener, we’ve forgotten that we had to buy salt. We’ve forgotten how the water “felt”. And best of all, we’ve forgotten what it is like to have to use special caustic products to get the residual lime deposits off the shower walls and doors. Thanks for helping us become so forgetful and simplifying our lives!”
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The Limescale Eliminator is a solution to limescale that should not be likened to a chemical water softener system, which is primarily removing the minerals that classify the water as hard and replenishing them with sodium. The approaches to solving the limescale problem are coming from different perspectives. While the softeners are effectively altering the chemical composition of the water and giving it the soft feel, the Limescale Eliminator is not altering it and thereby retaining essential minerals. At times the simple, least complicated and least expensive approach can be the most effective.

Health Issues

Hard water is not a health hazard. In fact the National Research Council (National Academy of Sciences) states that hard drinking water generally contributes towards total calcium and magnesium human dietary needs. The salt based systems remove these essential minerals and replace them with salt that can be of a health concern to many.

Environmental Issues

The treatment of hard water with salt requires backwashes which if not desalinated before reentering the water supply can harm plant life and agriculture. Many states are proposing legislation to ban these salt systems entirely because of the environmental impact and the expense of desalination.

Technology Comparison

Limescale Eliminator Salt-Based Softeners
Limescale Prevents future buildup; Breaks up existing build-up Prevents future build-up; Does not treat existing build-up
Minerals Retains the natural level of minerals in water Removes vital healthy minerals
Salt No increase of salt Salt-laden water in diet
Corrosion Removal of existing limescale reduces corrosion Salt increases corrosion, increasing appliance and product replacements
Maintenance No maintenance Frequent flushes, adjustments; Salt bags
Water Usage No water wasted Flushes waste water, approximately 10-15M gallons/year
Environment No treatment of salts; Environmentally-friendly Salt from flushes must be treated to prevent killing plant life-high cost to municipalities
Installation Clip on pipe and plug-in; no installation or space required Requires plumbing, electric, and lots of space
Cost Low-cost and no additional expenses High initial investment plus maintenance

The Limescale Eliminator is the most effective solution for limescale treatment. We care about the problems from limescale, the cost of other solutions and the environmental impact.

Please Note: Limescale Eliminator units are engineered for the US electrical specifications and for the appliances and plumbing system in residential homes. Warranties and guarantees are valid only when sold through authorized dealers.

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