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Iron 300X and Wellmaxx

Are the HydroCare Iron 300X and Wellmaxx systems whole house water filters?

Yes, the HydroCare Iron 300X and Wellmaxx will give you clean, great-tasting water from every faucet in your house.

Will the Iron 300X and Wellmaxx stop the brown and orange stains from forming on my clothes, sink, and bathroom fixtures?

Those orange and brown stains are caused by the iron commonly found in well water. The Iron 300X and Wellmaxx will remove both rust particle iron and clear water iron from the water which will prevent those rust color stains from forming.

Will the Iron 300X and Wellmaxx get rid of the rotten egg smell from my water?

The rotten egg smell found in well water is caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the water. The Iron300X and Wellmaxx will remove hydrogen sulfide all the way up to 3 parts per million and the odors that come along with it.

Does the Iron 300X or Wellmaxx require chemicals or salt?

No, both are an environmentally friendly solution for well water filtration and requires no salt or chemicals. As such, there is no need to backwash the system and there is no electricity required. There is also no need for costly service calls to replace any tanks or replenish salt and chemicals.

How often do the filters need to be changed?

Filter Life and Maintenance for Iron 300X and Wellmaxx based on Iron level
Iron level Total gallons 250gpd
(4 persons)
(2 persons)
3ppm 26,000 104 days 208 days
2ppm 40,000 160 days 320 days
1ppm 80,000 320 days 640 days
.5ppm 160,000 640 days 1280 days


Filter Life and Maintenance for Wellmaxx Only based on Hydrogen Sulfide Level
Hydrogen Sulfide Level Total gallons 250gpd
(4 persons)
(2 persons)
3ppm 25,000 100 days 200 days
2ppm 45,000 180 days 360 days
1ppm 70,000 280 days 560 days
.5ppm 95,000 380 days 760 days

What are the maintenance requirements?

The Iron 300X and Wellmaxx are easy to maintain. When the time comes to replace the filters, just shut the water to the system, twist off the canisters, replace the filters, and twist the canisters back into place. There is no need to call a plumber or technician.

Is there a guarantee and warranty on the Iron 300X and Wellmaxx?

Both systems carry an unmatched one year performance guarantee and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on parts.


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