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O2 Hydro

What are some of the features that differentiate the O2Hydro from the competition?

The mass transfer tube which oxidizes the water in real time, provides for more surface contact, and creates a “scrubbing” which causes the air bubbles to continuously move throughout the water. The O2Hydro’s aeration tank is just as large as the media tank, which again, allows for more effective aeration. The proprietary depth filtration package automatically resettles and layers properly after backwashing. The media get 100% bed expansion during backwashing so that they are thoroughly backwashed and cleaned. The O2Hydro contains a built in bypass system and a customizable post filter.

How does the system backwash itself?

Just set the timer on the control head for the desired time to backwash and the O2Hydro will automatically backwash itself at that specific time.

How does the O2Hydro know when to turn on/off?

The O2Hydro contains a flow switch which automatically activates the air pump when there is a demand for water in the house and shuts off the air pump once water has stopped flowing. This allows for oxidation in real time.

What are the most important factors in the aeration process?

The more surface contact there is with the air bubbles the more effective the aeration process. Through the use of the mass transfer tube, the O2Hydro injects countless, micro air bubbles into the water in real time so there is an abundant amount of surface area for the aeration process to be highly effective. Utilizing extremely small bubbles increases the rate of gas transfer (aeration) due to the higher contact surface area.

What does aeration mean?

Aeration is the process of mixing air into water. The aeration process oxidizes the iron particles and other contaminants within the water so that they can be readily filtered.


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