HydroCare Dual Action Water System

HydroCare Dual Action Water System

“This is a truly great and functioning product. I had the opportunity of showing these pictures to a local plumber who had just stopped by for Level 1 training and he too was impressed.”
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Purify Water & Eliminate Limescale With One System

Our water is threatened by an ever increasing variety and virility of hazardous substances, as evidenced by the thousands of water alerts announced annually. Additionally, minerals in hard water cause limescale buildup, which wreaks havoc on plumbing, appliances and fixtures. We cannot depend on our community’s water treatment facility to deliver safe and clean water. Chlorine, a primary agent used to purify the water, has been identified as a cancer causing agent, which enters our bodies through drinking, inhalation and absorption through our skin, when showering.

From which options should we choose to safely purify the water in our homes? Ideally, we would select one total solution for this multitude of problems. To protect our family’s health, it is important to lower the levels of, not only chlorine, but additionally, iron, heavy metals, chemicals and much more. Foul odors, discoloration and limescale, affecting all your plumbing and appliances, are costly, unsightly and problematic. They need to be removed from the water supply in your entire home.


It is important to evaluate effectiveness, environmental impact, ease of operation, maintenance, as well as purchase price. Bottled water brings concerns about expense, lack of whole house solution and environmental impact. A whole house system is more convenient than point-of-use water filters, where every tap and shower requires different filters. Conventional water conditioning systems, for limescale treatment, use salts or chemicals that are environmentally detrimental and unhealthy. Other types of filtration units may involve additional costs, loss of water pressure and frequent replacement; which can discourage the upkeep of equipment and cause loss of performance.

HQ Hometek has developed a compact Dual Action System, which incorporates advanced technologies, combining limescale elimination and purification medias, for a total, whole house solution. This state-of-the-art product will make the decision process, for the health of your family and home, an easy one. You will have the peace of mind knowing you have safe, refreshing water – the way it should be.


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