“The Humidex solved my problem at my home and we are selling it to people who have similar problems. We think it is a great solution to an age old problem.”
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The Humidex ventilation system is the most efficient solution to excess indoor moisture available anywhere. Humidex will improve the environment by minimizing naturally occurring moisture problems, such as musty odors, polluted air and mold growth.

Every Humidex Unit Has:

  • Aluminum cabinet for no corrosion.
  • Dehumidistat control which automatically regulates the unit.
  • Variable speed fan with a control. 115V AC/60hz. All fans are tubeaxial, 1 phase.
  • Air is discharged either through the top or the back of the unit.
  • All parts are included – 6″ duct, sleeve, outside flapper.
  • Low Energy Consumption – see model specs for details.
  • Low Noise Level.
  • All models made in Canada.
  • CSA Certificate File No. LR 52898, Entela No. 005235082

Humidex installs neatly and cleanly, venting to the outside of the home using a small 6″ duct, similar to that of a clothes dryer. The stand-alone, dedicated vent requires no complicated tie-ins with existing air systems. All ductwork is hidden behind the bright white frame of the Humidex unit, which has a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion. A small durable louver is affixed to the outside of the home, allowing moisture and toxins to be expelled. The result is a professional look for years to come. Humidex is installed professionally to maximize expulsion, replenishment, and ventilation.

All units automatically monitor the relative humidity and adjust the ventilation rate. In the summer, set the humidistat control to between 50-60 percent and in the winter between 40-50 percent. The fan should be set at the high speed. These setting levels are clearly marked on the front of the unit. The fan will expel the moist air and will automatically go to a minimal speed after it has reduced the relative humidity to the desired level. The unit never shuts off providing constant ventilation. Unlike a conventional dehumidifier, you are not separating the water molecules in the air. Humidex expels the excess moist air which is then replaced with fresh air. No buckets of water or filters are required!

Units certified by the Home Ventilating Institute.


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