Well Tank System Models


O2 Hydro Single Tank

Tank is 10" x 54"

Completely assembled system is 10"w x 16"d x 62"h

Includes Filtration tank, Mass Transfer Tube, Control Valve, Bypass

and Optional Post Filter


1Mass Transfer Tube – Included in both systems

Aeration is the process of mixing air into water, causing dissolved materials such as iron and manganese to oxidize so that they can be readily filtered. The O₂Hydro incorporates a patented mass transfer tube activated by a flow switch which allows the system to oxidize in real time, so that the aeration process occurs when water is in demand. In other systems the aeration process is only activated when the well pump is running, which may not necessarily cycle on when water is flowing to the home, and as a result not all the water is aerated. The mass transfer tube injects air directly into the water and agitates it, creating countless, micro air bubbles. These micro air bubbles provide increased surface contact area, resulting in more rapid and thorough oxidation.

2Aeration Tank – Dual Tank System Only

After being injected with air via the mass transfer tube, the water enters into the aeration tank where it undergoes a second oxidation process. In the aeration tank harmful gases are expelled. Unlike many other aeration tanks, the O₂Hydro aeration tank is fitted with an air vent on top which allows for continuous, real time air exchange. There is no need to drain the aeration tank.

3Filtration Tank Housing Depth Filtration Media – Included in both systems

The water enters the filtration tank which incorporates a proprietary depth filtration media package. The O2Hydro utilizes 4 different media with different filtering properties that are layered in a unique manner. The proprietary blend of media used in the O2Hydro will remove high levels of iron, manganese, sediment, and other contaminants to extremely low levels, providing clean, fresh water. An additional benefit is that during the backwashing cycle the O2Hydro media package will automatically resettle in the same configuration, maintaining the integrity of the filtration process.

4Post Filter – Standard on Dual Tank, Optional on Single Tank

After the media tank there is a 5 micron post filter for further filtration. Alternatively, the post filter can house specific media to address additional concerns and provides the capability to chlorine shock the plumbing system.

O2 Hydro Dual Tank

Each tank is 10" x 54"

The completely assembled system is 46"w x 16"d x 62"h

Includes Aeration Tank, Filtration Tank, Mass Transfer Tube, Control Valve,

Bypass, Air Pump and Post Filter

O₂Hydro Dual Tank

O₂Hydro Single Tank**

Max Iron (ppm)



Max Hydrogen Sulfide (ppm)



Max Manganese (ppm)



Operates in pH Range



Effective Flow Rate (gpm)









Carbon Dioxide






*In the presence of gases, the effective pH range of operation is 6.0-8.5 ** No Aeration Tank Included