Technology City Water Systems


HydroCare City Water Systems Represent a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Whole House Water Purification


  1. 3D Discs for High Purification at High flow Rates – The purification media are embedded within a patented, thick, disc structure that has 4X the purification capacity of typical granular activated carbon. The 3 dimensional structure increases surface contact area, contains a higher concentration of purification media and does not restrict water flow. This allows for high purification at high flow rates.

  2. Parallel Flow – HydroCare’s patented parallel flow design splits the water into two redundant processing canisters which effectively doubles the contact time the water has with the purification media. The water is the recombined so that there is no impact on water pressure.

Benefits of HydroCare City Water Systemsboy

  • Whole House Purification
  • Multiple Processes
  • High Effective Flow Rate
  • Parallel Flow Design for Increased Purification
  • Virtually No Loss of Pressure
  • 99% Chlorine Removal
  • Removes Cysts
  • Reduces THMs, VOCs, Chemicals
  • Reduces Lead & Mercury
  • Easy to Maintain



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