Testimonials From Professionals

Testimonials From Professionals

“The Humidex has been a wonderful closing tool. It seems that almost every job we install includes a Humidex. Thank you so much for introducing us to the Humidex unit. I look forward to a profitable future.”
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“I just wanted to send a letter expressing my great appreciation for your line of Humidex products. Since we have been promoting these units with our primary basement waterproofing service, our monthly sales have been growing on a continual upward scale and our customers have never been happier as well. Many of our customers had no idea that they even had a humidity problem for it had been masked by water seepage into their basement. Once the water seepage had been resolved there still remained the dampness from their long humidity season as well as the other problems associated with humidity such as condensation and mold growth. When we contract a homeowner for a dry basement their expectation seems to include the problems resulting from humidity as well. As a full service waterproofer, our mission is to find and meet the varied individual definition of what a dry basement is according to each family’s needs. We have found that by offering your Humidex units, as part of our total contract, the “gray area” of warranting for humidity seems to have dissolved itself.”

“I was just dropping you a note to let you know how the Humidex unit has impacted our sales and production so far this year.”

“As of April 2003, our waterproofing company has installed more than 2,000 units this year alone. The best part is that we haven’t had to service any units, keeping our overhead at a bare minimum. We receive calls regularly from customers commending the success of their Humidex.”

“The Humidex has been a wonderful closing tool. It seems that almost every job we install includes a Humidex. Thank you so much for introducing us to the Humidex unit. I look forward to a profitable future.”

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Mold Restoration

“I became interested in the Humidex concept and equipment due to having a damp cellar which affected the air quality in my own house. After installing the unit, the air quality and moisture content changed over night! The moisture content dropped and the smell went away. I do not sneeze every time I go into the house.”

“Our company is in the fire and water restoration business. We are trained in the mitigation of water damage and the resulting growth of mold and mildew. We know the effect poor ventilation and excessive moisture can have on a building and its occupants. The Humidex solved my problem at my home and we are selling it to people who have similar problems. We think it is a great solution to an age old problem.”

“In September 2004 I attended an Indoor Air Quality meeting at which time I met several mold remediators from the Mid-West. Our conversations led to a discussion of Humidex services which were widely installed in their part of the country. After reading the material, I decided to order several units and see how they would sell. They did indeed sell well and Humidex has become a very beneficial add on to my mold remediation business. I am now able to offer my clients an added measure of moisture protection, and make a nice profit at the same time. Having Humidex available has given me the opportunity to offer alternatives to customers with mold problems due to moisture.”

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“I was skeptical at first, after talking to you about Humidex, but it performed as you said and even better than I had anticipated.”

“As an HVAC contractor working with new home builders, I was interested in a system to ventilate the house before occupancy to keep it dry and reduce mold growth. We also have existing customers that are always experiencing mustiness and damp basements. I tried Humidex in my own home and monitored it for over a year and noted that there was no noticeable impact on the energy costs for reconditioning the replenishment air.”

“It worked surprisingly well in my friend’s house in drying out a cold damp basement that had a lot of mold and odors, way beyond my expectations. That’s when I began recommending Humidex to the builders we work with and they’ve been including them for new home buyers. My customers love Humidex and have been referring us to their friends. It’s a real added value that we can provide to our customers.”

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“The Humidex is recommended for every basement that we remodel. The feedback that we have received from our clients has been consistent with the positive effects that people have seen in each and every one of the basement projects. The Humidex works! The quality of the air in the basements has been improved. Reduction of dampness allows for the movement of fresher and healthier air. The Humidex helps reduce the mustiness as well as the humidity. We have thought enough of the Humidex that we are including it in several of our new marketing areas, as well as a full-page feature in our Company Newsletter. The company staff has also embraced the Humidex and to date 10 people in our company have installed the Humidex in their own homes!”

“…In fact the system has performed so well that almost 95% of our customers have it installed when we finish their basement, I know my thanks go a long way but I have also enclosed a copy of a letter we received from an installed customer just so you know what our customers are telling us. I believe this letter sums up the majority of our customers’ feelings towards your product as well as our feelings toward your product.”

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Property Management

“We have been exploring solutions to the moisture related problems in our public housing units. The overall conditions in the units were of concern to our residents, primarily the visible mold activity, musty odors, mildews and stale air. Our staff had researched various options and explored the Humidex ventilation and moisture control unit. Initially, the housing authority had purchased several units on an experimental basis to evaluate its performance.”

“The Humidex has dramatically improved the environment in the units, lowering the humidity levels, reducing the mold activity, improving the air quality and the physical conditions of the apartments. We were especially enthused with Humidex’s maintenance free features, low energy costs and quiet safe performance.”

“We have repeatedly ordered Humidex units for our units, and will continue to install them whenever we encounter moisture related problems.”

“…We are a large property with 950 rental units. In some units, we experienced high humidity levels which increase the potential for mold. We needed a solution for this issue and have found that Humidex has served us well in our overall response plan.

Over the past year we have installed numerous Humidex units and they have solved the humidity problems in those rental units.

We plan to continue to purchase the Humidex units for use here. I think that others who have a need for a system to address high moisture levels inside structure will also be pleased with your system.”

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