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GeoTek Test Validates Humidex Performance

From testing for toxic mold to cleaning up oil spills, GeoTek Engineering & Testing Services is well known for offering an array of environmental engineering services. GeoTek Engineering is heavily involved in many federal, state and city government engineering projects. A test of the Humidex humidity control and ventilation system was conducted by GeoTek in a home in Crooks, South Dakota with visible molds, musty odors and a damp environment in the basement. The following observations were made after the Humidex unit was operating for three months in the summer of 2002 in a period of high outdoor humidity levels and high outdoor mold spores.

The homeowner noted: “The musty odors disappeared within the first two weeks of the use of HUMIDEX.”

The testing company observed that, “the environment had improved to where there were no obvious musty odors or visible molds in the basement.” Airborne mold levels were sampled and tested prior to the installation of Humidex. These were then compared to samples taken three months after the installation and operation of the Humidex unit. The result was “The basement and crawlspace showed a decline in mold levels.”

Healthy Indoor Technologies Test Confirms Value of Humidex.

Healthy Indoor Technologies, a respected mold inspection and remediation company, independently researched the effectiveness of the Humidex system and found these amazing before and after results.

The initial humidity levels in the crawl space beginning in September were extremely high (87% relative humidity and 74F). The levels in the upstairs living area were also high with an average of 70% humidity. Several weeks after the Humidex installation, the relative humidity levels were substantially decreased and brought into a normal range (55% to 61% from the crawl area to upstairs). The final readings of 57% in the crawl area and 40% in the main floor environment taken on November 29th are, in themselves, a testimony to the system.

In conclusion, Healthy Indoor Technologies affirms that “The Humidex ventilation system has reduced the humidity level in the crawl space to acceptable levels. This system is a valuable tool in maintaining the humidity level in the home. The Humidex system can also be attributed to lowering the mold levels in the upstairs environment by maintaining a slight negative pressure in the crawl space with reference to the upstairs pressure.”

Inspection Management Attributes Health and Cost Benefits to Humidex

Inspection Management is an engineering, environmental and inspection firm with offices located in Princeton, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. They were contracted by a real estate agent in Huntington Valley, PA to investigate and remediate moisture related problems that were affecting an upscale property. Initial plans to redesign and reconfigure the home’s existing HVAC system with a complicated air exchange program was scrubbed when Inspection Management discovered the patented Humidex moisture control and ventilation system.

Here are some highlighted excerpts taken directly from the Case Study Report conducted by inspection Management. Prior to the installation of the Humidex units, relative humidity within all three crawl areas was within the 60-80% range. After only 24 hours of operation and before any of the re-grading has been completed, relative humidity levels in all three crawl space areas has plummeted an average of 40%. The listing realtor was extremely pleased and the homeowner was ecstatic, not only at the results, but for nearly $2000 of savings, had we employed a conventional air exchange system. During that investigation, a radon test was set up to determine what effect such a system would have on radon within a crawl space or basement. Before system installation, the average levels discovered within the crawl space was in excess of 12 picocures. When the average readings of less than one picocure were presented at the end of our investigation, the owner acknowledged the prior radon test compared to a 90% reduction based on the continuous monitor readings during our experiment.”

Click here to watch an independent news program prove how effective Humidex can be in reducing mold. news
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