HQ Hometek Offers Advanced Water, Moisture and Air Quality Solutions to Control the Health of your Property

Are you dealing with mold or odor problems in your properties? Do your water heated appliances break down too soon? Are your pipes clogged with limescale buildup? Even if you currently don’t have these problems, why wait until your property needs mold remediation or suffers plumbing and appliance damage due to hard water? Avoid tenant complaints, costly repairs, and poor indoor environment by installing advanced and energy-efficient technologies that address your moisture control, indoor air, and water quality needs.


The Cost Factor

Prevent moisture-related issues like mold that can lead to tenant health liabilities and costly structural damage. Protect plumbing and appliances from the destructive build-up of limescale.

Easy to Integrate

Provide moisture control and indoor environmental protection with ventilation technology that has no costly or negative impact on existing HVAC systems. The stand-alone units can actually improve HVAC efficiency. The hard water solution requires no plumbing; quick and easy clamp on and installs in minutes.

High ROI

Save time and money on maintenance, repairs and increase appliance, plumbing and fixture useful life. Save on energy and water consumption while simultaneously enhancing the health of your property and community.

Unique Product Offerings

Solve everyday problems with superior solutions. Unlike dehumidifiers or bathroom fans, AVIR units expel moisture, gases and indoor air pollutants to provide a drier, healthier environment at a fraction of the energy usage. Save money and increase efficiency with responsive technology. AVIR systems constantly monitor the real-time environment and automatically adjust.

The Smart Descaler® hard water solution will prevent and eliminate limescale buildup. Better than magnetic coil wraps or other electronic devices, the Smart Descaler® utilizes a patent pending, FCC approved signal with unparalleled strength and reach. Continuous operation whether water is flowing or not, ensures that your water appliances and plumbing are constantly protected from hard water problems.

Additional Benefits

Maintenance-Free and Tamper-Proof:

HQ Hometek products are easy to install and maintenance-free. Plus, tamper-proof computerized controls ensure your system runs continuously for peak performance and efficiency.

Comply With Industry Codes and Guidelines:

Eliminate tenant complaints regarding air and water quality. Confidently meet all health codes (such as ASHRAE standards 62.1 & 62.2 for ventilation and indoor air quality) and provide solutions that have a positive environmental impact by reducing water usage and require no chemicals.

Increase Property Value and Energy Efficiency:

Upgrade all units’ efficiency by improving appliance, HVAC, and energy efficiencies with eco-friendly solutions. Increase property value and occupation rate by providing a drier, healthier, and more comfortable environment.

HQ Hometek Solutions

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