Water Treatment Providers

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Home markets have evolved and consumers are demanding more energy efficient and sustainable homes that promote healthier living environments. The challenge and opportunity facing our industry is how to provide solutions that work efficiently, are cost effective and easily incorporated, and will require minimal maintenance.

At HQ Hometek, we specialize in providing technologically advanced solutions that decontaminate water at the source, providing whole homes the highest level of water quality via easily installed units that require little to no maintenance.

Water Treatment

Homeowners are spending wisely and more readily on improvements and services that will improve the quality of life, health and sustainability of their homes. They are informed and concerned about the health risks from the diminishing water quality from their water providers.

HQ Hometek is dedicated to providing the newest advancements in water purification technology. Expanding your services to include these revolutionary systems allows you to offer more value to your customers and prospects. Our goal is to help you provide your customers with superior solutions, while making it simple for you to integrate these product offerings into your current business.

Offering your customers solutions from HQ Hometek to address their air and water quality concerns will help you stand out as an innovator in your industry.

Industry Specific Business Benefits

  • Superior Water Treatment: increase overall customer satisfaction, reduce service callbacks, and gain more referrals by offering superior solutions than your competitors.
  • Appealing to Customers: units are compact, eco-friendly and energy efficient. Customers love that there are no maintenance requirements and virtually no pressure lost.
  • Simple to Integrate: because HQ Hometek solutions are easy to install and maintain, you can begin offering this service to your customer base right away. Plus, you will benefit from access to technical assistance and support from the experts at HQ Hometek.