HQ Hometek is your headquarters for innovative, revolutionary technology designed to improve the quality of the everyday indoor environment. Our patented designs solve common indoor air and water quality problems, including moisture related issues, which can result in costly damage and health concerns if left unchecked. Our products have been solving indoor air and water quality issues for more than 20 years and, as an affordable, maintenance free, energy saving solution to improving the indoor environment, these superior products are continuing to grow in demand across the country.

We take pride in our cutting-edge and holistic approach to promoting a healthy living environment and are committed to continuously investing in new research and technologies to improve how our industry views moisture control and air and water quality issues. Our products are market diverse and easily incorporated in a variety of settings, making them the superior solution for any interior environment.

We work with contractors, builders, property managers, and home service providers of all sizes to find the right solution that will promote a healthy indoor living environment and help your business grow. We invite you to explore our site for additional information or contact us here to learn how HQ Hometek can help.