HQ Hometek: Advanced Technology and Solutions

Innovative solutions to promote a healthy indoor living environment.

Do you regularly have customers coming to you looking for an end to musty odors and dampness in basements and crawl spaces? Have you found that you are frequently addressing questions regarding water quality concerns?

Become a Dealer with HQ Hometek and you can provide your customer base with a solution to address their water quality and moisture/air quality problems that you can feel good about, while increasing your business.

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HQ Hometek Dealers provide their customers safer, healthier, happier homes, with Moisture and Air and Water quality solutions designed to:

  • Remove excess moisture from the home, protecting the structure of the home
  • Eliminate conditions conducive to the growth of mold, mites and asthma or allergy triggers
  • Improve home air quality by ventilating stale air and reducing air pollutants or combustible gases
  • Provide clean, fresh tasting, healthy water throughout the entire home
  • Protect home plumbing and appliances from damage due to limescale buildup and corrosion

HQ Hometek Dealers receive:

  • Access to a growing market
  • Happy customers, leading to new referrals
  • High profit margins
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Ease of integration within your core business

As the general public continues to become more educated about the impact that the quality of the air and water in our home environment has on health and safety, demand continues to grow. It is the perfect time to set your business apart from the competition by offering eco-friendly, affordable solutions from HQ Hometek.

All Moisture and Air Quality Solutions and Water Quality Solutions come with product warranties that are maintained by HQ Hometek, along with a 1 year guarantee on all parts and services. You can find these solutions currently servicing hundreds of thousands of homes, and independent testing has shown our products really do promote healthier homes.

As a Dealer, you will benefit from receiving these top of the line systems at affordable prices, plus our industry experience, decades of knowledge, and technical assistance and support.

Find out if HQ Hometek is right for your business!

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