Light Commercial Projects

Consumers are seeking out ways to improve the indoor environment and water quality surrounding them on a regular basis. While the majority of our focus is on improving the water and air quality and reducing moisture build up in homes, the HQ Hometek solutions are suited to light commercial settings as well.

At HQ Hometek, we specialize in providing technologically advanced solutions that address the two most high-demand requests in the industry: Air and Water Quality Improvement.

Light Commercial

Clean clothes on hangers in the laundry room

Often, businesses and offices are seeking solutions to problems they are experiencing with excessive moisture or water quality problems in their buildings. HQ Hometek solutions use advanced technology to solve these issues, not simply mask the problems.

The products we provide are designed to be attractive, quiet, effective and low maintenance. With a focus on efficiency, performance and design, these cost effective systems are a unique option for water and air quality improvement in light commercial settings like small businesses, restaurants and offices.

There is no need to deal with bad odors, stale air, or poor tasting water in your commercial setting. HQ Hometek systems solve and maintain a healthy indoor environment automatically, with no maintenance required, so moisture and water quality issues don’t distract your focus.

Industry Specific Business Benefits

  • Efficient Light Commercial Solution: if you are looking to improve the air or water quality in a small or mid-sized commercial setting, products from HQ Hometek may fit your project specifications.
  • Maintenance Free Systems: in a commercial setting, these systems require no maintenance tasks and provide automatic, continuous control of the environment is a significant benefit.
  • Compact and Effective: our units run quietly and were designed to blend seamlessly into any setting. These units are so effective, problems you may have experienced with water or air quality in the past are easily forgotten.