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AVIR Computerized Controlled, Heavy Duty Basement Unit

Ventilation Unit For Moisture Control and Improved Air Quality

  • Reduces Moisture and Odors
  • Expels gases, radon, pollutants
  • Computerized controls constantly monitors trends
  • Multiple Operational Settings
  • No Maintenance
  • Energy Saving, Quiet & Efficient
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The AVIR Basement Unit provides year-round moisture control and improved air quality in homes with basements where excess moisture, air stagnation, and indoor pollutants are problematic. This sensible ventilation system expels moisture and pollutants to the exterior of the home, replenishes the home with fresh, dry air, and ventilates the air in the home to increase circulation, evaporation and efficiency. These units utilize leading-edge technology to most effectively reduce moisture that nourishes biological growth and insect infestation while expelling dangerous chemicals and pollutants from the environment in your home, including radon and combustible gases.


…Odors, Stagnant Moisture, Mold Spores, Along With The Indoor Gases And Pollutants From The Lowest Point Where They Are The Most Concentrated.


…With Warmer, Drier Air From Upper Level To Raise Temperature And Lower Relative Humidity. A Fresher And Healthier Air Supply From Upper Level Dramatically Improves Air Quality.


…The Entire Area With A Continuous Airflow To Extract Saturated Moisture In The Structure, Reduce Biological Growth And Create A Required Air Exchange. This Will Result In Healthier, Fresher Air; Benefiting The Whole House.

The secret is to focus on the worst air mass in the entire house and reverse “stack effect” which will positively affect the upper living areas. Avir provides a continuous air exchange by venting damp and polluted air from the basement, resulting in an improvement in the quality of the air throughout the entire home and reducing the health and structural risks associated with moisture and mold.

Superior to a Dehumidifier Moisture Control
+ Improved Indoor Air Quality

The AVIR Basement Unit provides homes a solution for moisture control and air quality that is:

  • Effective and Safe: Units continuously monitor relative humidity noting trends, are automatic and self-adjusting so there are no complicated controls to maintain and no risk of overheating
  • Environmentally Friendly: AVIR Unit is completely maintenance free. There are no contaminated filters to wash or replace, and no buckets of polluted water to be emptied.
  • Easy to Install: The units are simple to install and do not require ducting, HVAC installation, or electrical work.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Basement units were designed to be aesthetically pleasing, compact and discreet, in order to blend seamlessly into any home.
  • Cost Saving: The sensible ventilation units from HQ Hometek improve the efficiency of the HVAC system, as damp air is more difficult to heat and cool, saving on energy costs.

Protect home structure from moisture damage, increase the home’s energy efficiency, and keep the entire house healthier and more comfortable with sensible, maintenance-free ventilation all year long with the AVIR Basement Unit.


Dimensions: 62″ expandable to 97″
11″ wide x 7″ deep
Airflow: 40cfm low to 230 cfm high
Watts: 38
Capacity: 2100 sq. ft. basement

All necessary components included


“Normally our procedures work great but we often encounter conditions that promote mold sporulation…We are now using these ventilation systems as a permanent fix to previously unsolvable moisture problems.”
– Alfred H., Millman Systems

“Since we have been promoting these ventilation units with our PRIMARY basement waterproofing service our sales have been growing on a continual upward scale…”
– James T., Basement Waterproofing Inc.

“The ventilation unit has become a very beneficial add on to my mold remediation business. I am now able to offer my clients an added measure of moisture protection, and make a nice profit at the same time. Having Humidex available has given me the opportunity to offer alternatives to customers with mold problems due to moisture.”

“The ventilation unit has saved our customer not only thousands of dollars but also their health by reducing the humidity in the basement. This has made costly dehumidifiers obsolete. It tremendously reduces the growth of mold from a health standpoint and removes noxious gases that linger on the floor of basements. Thank you again for an amazing product and a great support staff.”
Ken K., Basement Doctor Waterproofing Co.

Ventilation Systems Proven to Reduce the Concentration of Radon Gas in Homes

Tested by the Université de Moncton


Homes Floor Test Point Radon Concentration Bq/m3
Before After
House 1 Basement #1 944 163
#2 799 215
Main Floor #1 326 89
#2 318 100
House 2 Basement #1 1954 226
#2 1902 85
Main Floor #1 932 48
#2 877 30
Radon Concentration Guidelines Bq/m3 pCi/L
United States 150 4
Canada 200 5.4


Effectiveness of Lowering Radon in Air Levels


Testing Company: Advance Radon Mitigation, Inc. – Hooksett, NH

Installation Location:
King Road, Bedford, NH
(in unlivable basement)
Installation Location:
Woodhill Road, Hooksett, NH
(in unlivable basement)
Initial Radon Level:
6pCi/L on first floor
Initial Radon Level:
8pCi/L on first floor
Post Humidex Radon Level:
0.5pCi/L on first floor
Post Humidex Radon Level:
1.7pCi/L on first floor
Tested on:
10/13/2010 – 10/15/2010
Tested on:
11/17/2010 – 11/21/2010


Testing Company: Inspection Management – NJ, PA, DE, MD

Installation Location: Huntington Valley, PA
(3 crawl areas monitored)
Initial Radon Level: 12pCi/L on first floor
Post Humidex Radon Level: <1pCi/L on first floor (A 90% reduction)
Initial Moisture Level: 60 – 80%
Post Humidex Moisture Level: Reduced 40%

Non-Computerized Standard Basement Unit
Standard Basement Model – UNS-209
Designed for smaller, unfinished basements

SKU: UNS-209

Self-adjusts ventilation rate when manually set relative humidity level is breached

Dimensions: 62” expandable to 97” 11” wide x 7” deep
Airflow: 40cfm low to 180 cfm high
Watts: 31

Capacity: 1500 sq. ft. basement

Non-Computerized Heavy Duty Basement Unit

SKU: HDS-209

Self-adjusts ventilation rate when manually set relative humidity level is breached

Dimensions: 62” expandable to 97” 11” wide x 7” deep
Airflow: 40cfm low to 240 cfm high
Watts: 38

Capacity: 2100 sq. ft. basement

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