Smart, Powerful, Compact Whole House Water Purification System

  • Parallel Flow Design maintains water pressure
  • 4X the capacity of similar sized filters
  • 3D Matrix discs for superior purification
  • Removes 99% Chlorine, Cysts, Parasites
  • Includes KDF for metals and bacteria reduction
  • Removes odors & Improves taste
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Revolutionary Design & Process for Superior Purification

Parallel Flow

  • Incoming Water is split equally into all canisters
  • Increase purification time with media = better results
  • Higher effective flow rate
  • Water flow recombines for virtually no loss of water pressure

3D Matrix Discs

The Quadmaxx system is a compact, whole house system that provides 4 times the purification capacity of carbon filters of the same size, due to the unique 4-chamber purification tube design and 3D matrix discs.

This innovative filtration system is designed for homes with 1-3 bathrooms:

  • 4x Purification Capacity of comparably sized carbon filters
  • >99% Chlorine Removal
  • >99% Cyst & Parasite Removal
  • Reduction of THMs, VOCs, & other unwanted chemicals
  • Removal of odors & improvement of taste
  • Certified by the Water Quality Association
  • Simple to install and to maintain
  • Results in virtually no pressure loss


Size: Homes with 1-3 bathrooms
Dimensions: 18”W x 13”H
Capacity: 40,000 gallons or approximately 6 months between filter changes

Quadmaxx Installation Manual

Amtest Independent Lab Test

Raw Sample Post Filtration at 4gpm (gallons per minute)
Chlorine Residual 1.09 <.1 99.00%
THMS 573 90.1 84.28%
Mercury 0.0069 0.0022 68.12%
LEAD 406 217 46.55%

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