At HQ Hometek, we provide innovative solutions utilizing leading edge technology to improve the indoor environment of the home. Our solutions have been installed by builders, home improvement industries, service providers, public and private property management developments, and in military housing across the country. Our products were designed to be simple to integrate in any residence while providing superior results that last.

Moisture Control & Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Our Avir/Humidex ventilation units automatically control indoor moisture levels and improve indoor air quality year-round, saving on energy use and requiring no maintenance. These sensible ventilation units will remove excess moisture and stale air, eliminating conditions that lead to mold growth, musty odors, asthmatic triggers, structural damage and infestation.

AVIR Computerized Controlled, Heavy Duty Basement Unit
AVIR Crawl Space Unit with Booster Fan
AVIR Computerized Apartment/Slab Unit


Water Quality Solutions

Our HydroCare products are completely revolutionary within the water quality industry. They provide water purification for the entire house from a single, simple to install and maintain system. These systems were developed in order to address the most problematic water quality issues facing consumers today. They incorporate the highest performing purification media for unparalleled results and breakthrough technology to address hard water issues.

Hard Water Solutions

Smart Descaler®

Electronic Limescale Removal & Prevention



City Water Solutions


Smart, Powerful, Compact Whole House Water Purification System


Large Capacity Whole House Purification System for City Water


Large Capacity Whole House Purification + Hard Water Treatment

City Supreme

Large Capacity Chloramine, Chlorine & Lead Purification System



Well Water Solutions


Whole House 3 Stage Canister Filtration System

02Hydro Single

Single Tank Well Water Filtration System