These days, consumers are making a concerted effort to stay informed about potential health effects of their water sources. The increasing reports of the proliferation of contaminants and pollutants in city water sources nationwide has made improving water quality a priority for homeowners nationwide. Equipment and testing failures by the city or municipal agency in charge of monitoring the water quality are commonly to blame when problems are identified, but all too often these problems aren’t found until contamination has already reached dangerously high levels.

What is most troubling is that the quality of the water source is outside of a homeowner’s control. While the water in your area may be fine today, it’s impossible to know whether that same water will be safe tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that, regardless of projects the city is undertaking or monitoring or funding issues at the water treatment facility, the water coming into your home is always safe? With a whole home water purification system from HQ Hometek, you can offer your client base this level of assurance that their property and health are protected from any current or future water quality concerns.

Getting into the business of improving home water quality does not have to be complicated. HydroCare whole house water purification systems incorporate scientifically advanced materials and design to deliver superior performance. HydroCare systems incorporate multi step processes to address a multitude of water quality issues prevalent in city water. Our all in one system takes the guesswork out of how to solve multiple water quality issues. As opposed to other water providers that are using standard equipment and adding more cost into the labor, profits and servicing, HydroCare systems incorporate the most advanced materials and proprietary designs for the highest purification, far exceeding regulatory standards, and are ready to install out of the box.

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