Hard Water Problems: Calcium and Magnesium in water develops into limescale which attaches to plumbing surfaces, heating elements and fixtures, reducing efficiency, causing corrosion and appliance breakdown.

Clogged pipe
Clogged pipes reduce flow and pressure.

Limescale encrusts heating elements in appliances robbing them of energy efficiencies.
Scale on thermostats causes false lower temperature reading – signaling for unnecessary heat.

Tankless water heaters quickly clog up, reducing efficiency. Need frequent chemical flushes.
Costly corrosion, replacement of parts, valves, and controls.

Manufacturers do not cover limescale damage.
coffee machine
Breakdown in coffee houses, laundromats, car washes, restaurants.
limescale showerhead
Stains and clogging of faucets, shower heads, toilets, tubs.

Batelle Study

The HydroCare solutions for hard water are innovative, effective, environmentally-friendly, virtually maintenance-free solutions to prevent & eliminate limescale buildup without the use of salt or chemicals.

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