At HQ Hometek, we provide the most technologically advanced solutions to address moisture control and air quality issues. Our products are designed to be energy efficient, affordably priced, easy to install and maintenance free.

Our moisture control and air quality solutions automatically ventilate the air in the house to control indoor moisture and improve indoor air quality year-round with no maintenance. The continuous ventilation will increase HVAC efficiencies and energy savings, as it requires less energy to heat or cool a dry environment as opposed to a damp one.

According to the EPA, there is a 20-50% increased risk of asthma in damp houses. HQ Hometek moisture control solutions effectively reduce conditions conducive to mold, odors, asthma triggers and infestation. The ventilation these units provide will actively extract moisture, keeping walls, floors, beams, and windows dry, helping maintain structural integrity. In addition, the unit will continuously expel harmful pollutants such as radon, toxic vapors, formaldehyde, combustion gases and VOC’s.

Moisture Control

Mold Growth
Mold Growth
Structure Damage

Improved Air Quality

Combustion Gases
Toxic Vapors
Asthmatic Triggers

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