As demand for home water quality improvement increases, so does the need for businesses that provide solutions. Getting into the business of improving home water quality does not have to be complicated. Our products are simple to install and require minimal maintenance from the property owner. Plus, HQ Hometek will provide the necessary materials and back-end support you need to easily integrate this service into your existing business. You can stand out from the competition while providing your customers the eco-friendly, effective water quality improvement solutions they are seeking.

The HydroCare suite of products developed by HQ Hometek, offers revolutionary whole house water purification solutions, providing the highest level of water quality via easily installed units that require little to no maintenance. HydroCare also provides innovative, maintenance-free solutions to deal with hard water and protect appliances and plumbing from the harmful effects and inefficiencies of limescale buildup without the use of harmful chemicals or salt.

Water quality solutions from HQ Hometek treat the water in the entire home, whether the water comes from the municipality or a private well, with virtually no reduction in water pressure. We invite you to learn more about our solutions.

Hard Water Problems

Early appliance breakdown not covered by warranties
Clogged pipes and water heaters
Costly maintenance and repairs
Loss of water pressure
Energy inefficiences

Water Quality Problems

Orange or brown discoloration
Foul odors and bad taste
Chlorine and Chloramine
Heavy metals, chemicals & other pollutants
Staining of clothes and dishes

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