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Green, Sustainable Homes Need Moisture Control, IAQ
and Water Quality Solutions

Basements and Crawl Spaces are a Major Source
of Costly Problems and Health Concerns

Mold Mold Growth
Crack in cement wall due to structural damage Structure Damage
Radon Radon
Asthmatic triggers Asthmatic Triggers


Limescale from Hard Water & Harmful Chemicals
Need Whole House Solutions

Clogged pipe Clogged pipes reduce flow and pressure.
Limescale encrusts heating elements in appliances robbing them of energy efficiencies.
Chlorine and chloramine Chlorine and Chloramine
Heavy metals & chemicalsHeavy Metals & Chemicals


Moisture Control, IAQ and Water Quality Solutions

As the construction of homes has progressed due to improved building techniques and materials, so too have the demands of homebuyers who now expect energy efficient homes that also provide healthy indoor air and water . To meet this challenge, HQ Hometek provides builders with advanced technological solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, easily integrated, and maintenance free.


The Cost Factor

For minimal cost and no alteration to design, builders can provide consumers with a more energy efficient home that costs less to heat or cool, has healthy ventilation, and is free of moisture concerns that can lead to mold growth and structural damage. Builders can easily assure that limescale, which is not covered by manufacturer’s warranties, doesn’t rob new appliances of their energy efficiencies nor damage them, the plumbing or fixtures.

Easy to Integrate

Having worked closely with builders and contractors for decades, all of our technology is designed to easily integrate with existing HVAC systems and plumbing. There is no need to make design adjustments. Quality solutions—instead of complications—is what you get.

High ROI

Control indoor moisture generated from everyday living activities, continuously ventilate to remove gases, pollutants, and eliminate odors. Provide high end purification for clean, healthier, great-tasting water from every faucet and eliminate post-sale issues caused by hard water problems. Doing so will make your homes even more attractive to homebuyers, which is the best return on investment you can ask for.

Products to Make New Homes Healthier & Efficient

As a builder, you know that improvements in insulation and building materials have resulted in better sealed homes, but the downside is that these advancements can result in stagnant air, odors, and trapped moisture. In addition, depending on the quality of the water supply, limescale buildup can quickly make new appliances and plumbing fixtures deteriorate, clog pipes and cause leaks in valves. That’s why smart builders work with HQ Hometek to incorporate cost-effective solutions to prevent these problems in their new construction.

Additional Benefits

Unique Product Offerings:

Technologically advanced, yet inexpensive water and air quality solutions make you an industry leader. Meet the IAQ and water quality demands of today’s homeowners.

Add-On Service:

HQ Hometek products can easily be included in the home sale price and offered as an add-on to the existing design. The cost is extremely reasonable, and the return on investment is high.

Increase Home Value and Energy Efficiency:

Simple installation and seamless integration make our air and water quality solutions a superior choice. Plus, our products are designed to enhance HVAC functionality and reduce energy costs overall.

HQ Hometek Solutions

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