Provide a dry, healthy environment for the entire house all year round


AVIR Computerized, Advanced
Ventilation for Moisture Control
and Improved Air Quality

AVIR Computerized, Advanced Ventilation for Moisture Control and Improved Air Quality

Models available for Apartments, Basements, and Crawl Spaces

Unit will work 100% even if you choose not to install the myHome app

  • Monitor conditions 24/7, automatically adjusting ventilation
  • Continuously expels moisture and odors, reduces mold growth, mildew, and infestation
  • Reduces and Prevents moisture saturation in walls, floors, beams and condensation
  • NEW! Sensors downstairs & upstairs for superior performance
  • Expels and reduces radon, combustion gases, toxic vapors, VOC’s
  • NEW! Carbon Monoxide detection which triggers app alert and automatic expulsion
  • Maintenance Free, Energy Saving, Quiet
  • Complies with codes and requirements for a healthy indoor environment
  • NEW! Mobile app for remote monitoring and control


AVIR Does More

Moisture Control

Mold Growth
Mold Growth


Structure Damage



Improved Air Quality

Combustion Gases
Toxic Vapors
Asthmatic Triggers

Transform, Maintain, and Protect

Start with transforming the most problematic areas; basements and crawl spaces which affect the entire house.

Improve your customers’ SATISFACTION and your BOTTOM LINE!


“Normally our procedures work great but we often encounter conditions that promote mold sporulation… We are now using these ventilation systems as a permanent fix to previously unsolvable moisture problems.”
– Millman Systems


AVIR Computerized Controlled,
Heavy Duty Basement Unit
AVIR Crawl Space Unit
with Booster Fan
AVIR Computerized
Apartment/Slab Unit


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