The wood door with termites damageStagnant moisture nourishes growth of mold, dust mites, infestation and termites. With solutions from HQ Hometek, you can eliminate the need to homeowners for costly, inefficient dehumidifiers while providing clean, healthy, ventilated air throughout the entire home.

The EPA recommends that you reduce moisture and air quality issues that are created from everyday activities to eliminate environmental conditions conducive to infestations.

Moisture buildup is generated from everyday activities, like doing laundry, running the dishwasher, and even showers. In basements and crawl spaces, the colder temperatures and everyday moisture combines to result in high humidity, odors and condensation.

In addition to protecting the home from future infestations, AVIR Advanced Technologies will provide your customers a complete moisture solution that will improve the quality of the air in the entire home:

  • Prevent moisture buildup from interior sources
  • Extract moisture from the structure of the building
  • Reduce mold, odors, condensation and infestation
  • Expel gases, radon, formaldehyde, VOC’s
  • Save thousands of dollars in energy costs

The AVIR smart ventilation solution is energy efficient, affordably priced, easy to install and maintenance free. The system is designed to runs continuously year-round for peak efficiency, and sensors monitor changes in moisture levels and temperature in order to adapt automatically.

Industry Specific Business Benefits

  • High Level Services: Reduce environmental factors that are conducive to infestations while providing your clients a solution to a healthier indoor environment in their homes.
  • Additional Revenue Stream: Installing HQ Hometek solutions is simple and fast. Offering these products has the potential for significant profit margin increases.
  • Industry Expertise: set your business apart as leaders in complete home air quality and moisture solutions.

AVIR is a high quality smart ventilation unit designed to expel moisture from the environment and the home structure.

AVIR Waterproofing chart

Moisture & Air Quality Solutions

HQ Hometek offers solutions that control indoor moisture and promote healthy air exchanges to improve indoor air quality year round.

Using advanced technology to ventilate the air, HQ Hometek Moisture Control and Air Quality Solutions are far superior to any other products available on the market, which typically only act to dehumidify. These simple to install systems require no maintenance and provide automatic, continuous control of the environment, saving hundreds in energy costs and solving moisture problems.

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Water Solutions

While you have no control over the quality of the water coming into your home, with HQ Hometek you can ensure that once that water enters your pipes it is safe for the infrastructure of the building and the health of those who drink, cook with, and bathe in it.

Water quality solutions from HQ Hometek are easy to install and simple to maintain, while providing peace of mind to homeowners that the quality of the water throughout the entire house is being maintained at all times.

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