Advanced Water, Moisture and Air Quality Solutions

Protect the Health of Your Property from Moisture Problems

Mold Mold Growth
Woman holding nose due to odor Odors
Structure damage and wood rot Structure Damage
Condensation on a window Condensation


Save Money on Repairs and Replacements from Limescale Damage

Clogged pipe Clogged pipes reduce flow and pressure.
Limescale encrusts heating elements in appliances robbing them of energy efficiencies.
valves Costly corrosion, replacement of parts, valves, and controls.
limescale showerhead Stains and clogging of faucets, shower heads, toilets, tubs.


AVIR Computerized, Advanced
Ventilation for Moisture Control
and Improved Air Quality

AVIR Computerized, Advanced Ventilation for Moisture Control and Improved Air Quality

Models available for Apartments, Basements, and Crawl Spaces
Unit will work 100% even if you choose not to install the myHome app

  • Monitor conditions 24/7, automatically adjusting ventilation
  • Continuously expels moisture and odors, reduces mold growth, mildew, and infestation
  • Reduces and Prevents moisture saturation in walls, floors, beams and condensation
  • Expels and reduces radon, combustion gases, toxic vapors, VOC’s
  • Optional Carbon monoxide alert and automatic expulsion
  • No Maintenance -Hard connect and Tamper Proof options
  • Complies with codes and requirements for a healthy indoor environment
  • Aesthetically pleasing, no hot noisy motors, stand alone


Cost Savings & Benefits

  • Save on structural repairs, maintenance, remedial work, reduce condensation and wood rot
  • Save on tenants’ complaints, mold exposure. indoor air quality and health concerns
  • Increase value and appeal of property – healthy, dry and sustainable
  • 10 year parts warranty- amortized annual cost is minimal- units running 15 years
  • Payment plan options approx. $ 9.00/mo. for 5 years, then own them
  • Savings in electricity-Avir $ 2/mo. vs Dehumidifier-$50-60/mo. Pay for themselves in 2 years
  • Maintaining a dry environment, increases HVAC efficiency
  • Easy installation-(duct like in a gas dryer), no HVAC or plumbing work


HydroCare Smart Descaler
Electronic Limescale Removal
& Prevention

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  • Utilizes strongest electrochemical signal to remove existing/prevent future limescale buildup
  • Dynamic signal with unparalleled capacity
  • Built in computer to monitor signal strength
  • Works continuously in all conditions, plumbing, pH and hardness levels
  • No Maintenance and Easily Clamps on
  • Better than magnetic coils, wraps, or softeners
  • One unit for all the appliances, plumbing and fixtures in the entire home


Cost Savings & Benefits

  • Reduce repairs to valves, pipes, appliances and maintenance
  • Protect fixtures, toilets, showers, faucets
  • Extend life of appliances and maintain warranty protection
  • Save on energy – can lose 25% in efficiency from limescale
  • Save on water – more accurate temperature readings and faster hot water
  • Environmentally friendly- no salts or chemicals

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