Advanced Water Quality Solutions

Water quality continues to deteriorate as water authorities fail to keep up with the growing number of pollutants. Limescale formed from the buildup of natural minerals, causes costly damage to plumbing, appliances and fixtures. From water purification to eliminating limescale buildup, plumbers and water treatment professionals depend on HQ Hometek to provide them with technologically advanced water treatment solutions that grow their business while meeting their customers’ demands.


The Cost Factor

Limescale buildup robs appliances of their efficiency, causes early breakdown and maintenance as well as wastes energy and water. HQ Hometek’s hard water solutions are relatively inexpensive without the environmental impact of salt based solutions.

Customers spend hundreds of dollars a year to obtain clean, healthy and tasty water. Our whole house provide clean, great tasting water from every faucet, eliminating the cost and environmental cost, of bottled water.

Easy to Integrate

All our solutions are out of the box, easy to install, and easily integrate with existing plumbing. The Smart Descaler easily clamps on and requires no maintenance at all.

HQ water quality solutions are easy to integrate within your existing business model and don’t require you to be a water expert as the solutions address a wide variety of the predominant water quality issues facing homeowners. We work with you to meet specific issues and customize solutions to satisfy your customers.

High ROI

With no expensive installation requirements, there’s no need to send out additional technicians or schedule follow-up service visits. The Smart Descaler can be installed while your technicians are out on a call and requires no plumbing. Add on revenue with any equipment installation and service call. Leverage your existing client relationships, enjoy new referrals, and meet the growing demand for healthy water quality.

Products Guaranteed to Perform Effectively

HQ Hometek has been working closely with plumbers, wholesalers and water treatment professionals to advance cost-effective solutions for whole home water quality.

HQ Hometek offers an industry leading performance guarantee and product warranty on all HydroCare water products. Our water quality solutions are assembled here in the USA and undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality standards.

Additional Benefits

Unique Product Offerings:

The technologically advanced line of HydroCare solutions integrate superior treatment materials within innovative designs. They incorporate state of the art purification media to address the ever-growing list of water pollutants without sacrificing water flow.

Our Smart Descaler is a technologically advanced water treatment solution that prevents and eliminates limescale buildup throughout the entire house. Better than magnetic coil wraps or other electronic devices, the Smart Descaler utilizes a patent pending, FCC-approved, unique electro-chemical signal with unparalleled strength and reach. It features continuous operation whether water is flowing or not, ensuring that appliances, fixtures and plumbing are constantly protected from hard water damage.

Add-On Service:

We offer full marketing and technical support. And with over two decades of experience, we’re used to adapting our systems to address any specific concerns in your region. Not to mention, our products don’t require time consuming, after-sales servicing.

Great Business Opportunity:

The Hydrocare family of whole house water systems addresses the most prevalent water quality problems facing homeowners including hard water, pollutants, and the failure of municipalities to supply safe drinking water. We offer the most technologically advanced, environmentally-friendly systems.  We are the innovators of the water treatment industry. 

The water quality industry is exploding and demand continues to grow. You don’t have to be a water quality expert to take advantage. Business rollout is simple and quick.

HQ Hometek Solutions

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