Waterproofing: Moisture Control & Improved IAQ

Once outside water seepage is resolved, continuous ventilation and air exchange is necessary to maintain a dry, fresh environment. Moisture buildup generated from everyday indoor activities combined with relatively colder surfaces and stagnation provides a nourishing environment for mold growth, odors, structural damage and condensation.

Give customers more value with a Total Moisture Solution Package


The Cost Factor

Eliminate service calls related to moisture accumulation. Products are warrantied for 10 years. There is no servicing or maintenance required.

Easy to Integrate

A natural complimentary solution that enhances your business, AVIR products can be included in your services with minimal labor and no added expansion of your business model. AVIR moisture control products are stand-alone units that are easy to install.

High ROI

Earn more on every job, differentiate from the competition and provide greater value to your customers. Meet the demand of today’s homeowners who are looking for a healthier environment that is energy efficient. More opportunities for lead referrals and revenue that reduces impact of seasonal business fluctuations.

Additional Benefits

Superior Solution

Solve everyday problems with superior solutions for both moisture control and improving indoor air quality. Basements and crawl spaces have the worst air mass impacting the entire home and the need for a solution is ever-growing. Control indoor moisture generated from everyday living activities, continuously ventilate to remove gases, pollutants, and eliminate odors.

Crawl spaces cannot be hermetically sealed off from the rest of the house. Foundation vents don’t actively expel the built up moisture and can allow a space for moisture and pollutants to enter a cold environment, making conditions worse. Encapsulation alone will not dry out already damp floors and beams nor will it deal with indoor moisture and air pollutants.

Dehumidifiers can costs hundreds in energy usage per year and they only recirculate the same air mass. They are costly, tend to overheat, require maintenance and have limited capacity. AVIR units expel moisture, gases and indoor air pollutants to provide a drier, healthier environment at a fraction of the energy usage. AVIR systems constantly monitor the real-time environment and automatically adjust.

AVIR Waterproofing chart

HQ Hometek Solutions

AVIR Computerized Controlled, Heavy Duty Basement Unit
AVIR Computerized Controlled, Heavy Duty Basement Unit
Humidex Crawl Space Unit with Booster Fan
Humidex Crawl Space Unit with Booster Fan
AVIR Computerized Apartment/Slab Unit
AVIR Computerized Apartment/Slab Unit

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